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Environmental Works and Community Site Meeting and Update

Bellarine Catchment Network and the Borough or Queenscliffe are inviting community members to attend an open site visit to view the weed control and environmental works that have been conducted in 2023 at Shortlands Bluff, Queenscliff. We will discuss plans for maintaining the site, managing weed regrowth, revegetation and bush regeneration.

Activities will include:

  • Review forest mulcher / woody weed removal works
  • Look at citizen science flora survey techniques
  • Review revegetation plan and timelines

No need to register, just turn up. For more information contact Bellarine Catchment Network at

Australia's laws are not protecting the natural ecosystems we rely upon. We believe a serious flaw lies within the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). Currently directors' good faith civil obligations only require them to act ‘in the best interests of the corporation’ (s181). This narrow focus permits them to put their economic goals ahead of our existential goal! Maximising shareholder returns should not be at the expense of the public good and the environment.

On 25 May in Geelong, Geelong Sustainability is co-hosting the global launch of The Code for Corporate Citizenship, an elegantly simple solution devised by corporate lawyer, Robert Hinkley. By inserting a new clause into section 181 of the Corporations Act, directors would need to act ‘in the best interests of the corporation but not at the expense of severe harm to the environment’.

#TheCode would rebalance the civic obligations of company directors and have a real impact in relieving the climate emergency.

Geelong Sustainability’s campaign partners include the Centre for Climate Safety, ADAC - A Different Approach Community, The Sustainable Hour and Geelong Media.

We're keen to connect with local community groups and business people to explore this idea.

Please join in the discussion at the launch event at the Geelong Library at 5pm on Thursday 25 May 2023.

Tickets $5 via Eventbrite. To learn more or to sign our open letter, visit

Ocean Grove Library Talk

Matt Crawley will share his biodiversity success stories from across the Bellarine Peninsula and Victoria. Discover the humorous stories, challenges and rewards from working for the environment.

Matt Crawley is the Program Manager with the Bellarine Catchment Network. With over 25 years of experience working in diverse ecological zones including the Mallee, North Central Victoria, The Goulburn Broken and The Corangamite Catchment Management Authority regions, Matt has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share about our natural world.

With a focus on the local projects that he is currently working on and the success of the publications, Discover the Real Ocean Grove environment booklet and Bellarine Peninsula Indigenous Flora and Fauna guidebooks, Matt will engage you with his unique understanding of our local environment. He will explore the personal connections he has with the Gardens for Wildlife project, Caring for Our Bays and the popular Bush, Bay and Ocean Hero Poster Program. A Bellarine focused biodiversity display will be set up during the month of September at the Ocean Grove library featuring local flora, fauna and habitat display.  Matt is represented on a range of regional environmental committee’s and is part of the current Leaders for Geelong cohort.

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