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Let's look after our birds of prey so they can eat more rats and mice safely!

The Problem

New quick kill rat and mouse baits are having a devastating impact on our magnificent hawks, owls and other birds of prey! With their incredible vision they can spot prey from vast distances. Mice and rats form part of their diet. Birds eating rodents poisoned by these "quick kill" baits are in turn poisoned.

The Solution

To protect our birds choose only those products with WARFARIN, COUMATETRALYL as the active ingredients.

When looking for poisoned/ baits for mice and rats do not buy the following products:

  1. Brodifacoum
  2. Bromadiolone
  3. Difenacoum
  4. Difethialone
  5. Flocoumafen

These toxic chemicals also pose a greater risk to children, pets and other non-target species.

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