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Friends of the Barwon

Friends of the Barwon (FOTB) is a catchment wide network of groups and individuals working to protect and restore the long-term health of the Barwon River and its tributaries through building partnerships, empowering communities and engaging with government.

Our group's purpose is:

'To be an independent knowledge-based community leader and educator for the protection and improvement of the ecosystem of the Barwon catchment'. 

A healthy, flowing and life sustaining Barwon River system is both our goal and our obligation to the generations to come.

FOTB was formed by concerned citizens in response to cease to flow events in the Barwon River. In 2016, there was no flow for four months at Winchelsea and again in 2018 for three months. These “cease to flow events” critically affect survival of aquatic species and river ecology, and reflect the over extraction of water from our local rivers.

FOTB currently has a membership of over 100 organisations and individuals and is made up of a committee of nine individuals who represent the Barwon both geographically and in skills/experience. Both our committee and general membership come from diverse backgrounds who have a broad range of interests in the health of the Barwon catchment.

One of FOTB’s key activities of recent times has been providing on-going input into the current Central and Gippsland Sustainable Water Strategy (SWS). Our members seek an environmentally ambitious SWS to ensure that we leave the legacy of a healthy river system for future generations.

Additional activities that FOTB are involved in are outlined in our Friends of the Barwon website and through updates in our current newsletters.

New members are always welcome and we are always especially keen to work with members who would like to be actively involved in our many projects.


Friends of the Barwon website:

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